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for my OOAK sculpture!

Pru the PumpkinWitch is one of the many varities of heebiejeebies that exist amongst us, in the shadows ... in the recesses and crevices and places where light seems to never quite reach.

Pru the PumpkinWitch is a garden variety HeebieJeebie.

You can find Pru and her kind in any old pumpkin patch, but usually only the wild pumpkin patches are isolated enough for the pumpkins to develop and become interested in learning magic. Masters at camafoliage, you'd likely never spot Pru or her kind in a patch as they'd cloak themselves with vines, subtle movements and even spells.

Pru is an old gourd, which is a compliment to her species ... and she is very very wise. The only time she tends to cause mischief is when someone is trying to raid her patch for pumpkins to smash or carve or eat.

HeebieJeebies make GREAT Halloween decorations or gifts!!!

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About Pru the PumpkinWitch:
Pru the PumpkinWitch is a hand made, OOAK (one of a kind) sculpture, which I lovingly sculpted without the use of molds in any sense or in any aspect.

She measures 1 inches tall without her hate and a touch over 1 inches tall with her hat on. Her eyes are black glass eyes, that have been set into the clay and covered with a glossy clear paint. She has two handsculpted leaves on her sculpted wire vine, and a removable witch's hat.

She was sculpted with a mixture of Kato clays in a variety of hues to capture a natural tone, and then many thin washes of acrylic paint were carefully applied and then sealed to protect her.
Here are some more pictures of Pru the PumpkinWitch!!

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I stand behind my work 100%, so if something happens during shipping, or as time passes please contact me to fix the sculpt. Pru the PumpkinWitch is a polymer clay sculpture and should be handled with some care.

Pru the PumpkinWitch is signed with my mark and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Shipping charges are calculated by eBay's system, just input your zipcode to see the costs to ship to your area. I will carefully pack and ship my sculpture to reach you undamaged and whole. Her shipping will be insured, which is included in the shipping and handling, and will have a tracking number to minimize any risk of it getting lost.

Any international bidders - please realize this might be a dutiable shipment, and as such, customs do charge a fee (usually based on the value of the shipment being shipped) for it to be allowed to pass through customs.
The buyer will be responsible to pay these fees!

I accept Paypal for payment. If payment is not received within 10 days of purchase, item will be relisted.
Buyer agrees to pay Shipping and Handling costs.
I will ship as soon as payment is received.

For all those asking the question: "What are heebie-jeebies?"

Heebie-Jeebies are generally meant to mean a feeling of anxiousness, when your hair stands on end, or your palms go clammy, knots in the belly, or you have a scared or nervous feeling - a case of the willies as it were.

I always sort of thought that those were caused by little magical beings as a kid, and so I thought Heebie-Jeebies were the name for those little pesky fey-folk that like to pinch and trick and prank us.

So for me ... they were little fey critters. Creatures of the unseelie ... those that live in the dark corners, cracks and crevices, under beds and in cabinets, far in the back ... where the light doesn't *quite* reach. They are those that creep, that slither, that crawl, that scurry when the light comes on.

They were responsible for rat's nests in my hair, missing toys, stains on my clothes, and those "unknown creepies" that I was sure existed.

Some called them sprites, or even brownies, or possibly imps. They weren't evil or even malicious ... well not all of them ... or not all the time. But they caused mischief, and delighted in teasing us lumbering oafs called humans. Or scaring us, making us tense and jump and fright.

They weren't ugly or scary, well some were, to be sure, but not all. Mostly they were just ... well ... odd. Different. Bizarre maybe. Strange and a bit touched perhaps. Definitely other-worldly ... though they seemed to have more a place in this world than we humans do, paradoxically enough.

So here, they reveal themselves ... bare themselves to the light. The forms they take are unexpected, jumbled to our eyes, freaky perhaps to some. It's a glimpse into a curious and sometimes unsettling world that exists with our own ... if we would but open our eyes and truly see.

Please feel free to ask me any questions!! :)
Thank you for looking at my auction and happy bidding!

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